The Henley Centre for Customer Management operates on a continuing basis, with each phase of research leading to the next.

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Professor Moira Clark has led our highly successful research forum since 2002. As a result, she brings with her a wealth of experience and the results of seven years of research projects into Customer Management practices.

Using the research agenda, agreed with the membership, Henley Centre researchers examine all existing research in the relevant area, delivering to the members a succinct and valuable review of the current state of knowledge in the field. They then go on to examine, often by exemplar case study, the best practice in the subject, pushing knowledge beyond what is published. In this way, members gain access to new thinking, new models and new processes.

At the conclusion of a research project, the centre publishes a report that is available exclusively to the members for a six-month period. We then have the option to make the reports available publicly.

In the research pages you will find a history of research outlining the topics chosen for research on a year-by-year basis. You will also find the list of publicly available reports and you have the opportunity to ask for copies of any that are of interest.

Also, have a look at some of the models that we have developed through the research programmes and even try them out. The climate survey is an excellent example of a tool that has been developed through research and is now used with a number of clients to deliver valuable insight.