Organisational Climate

The climate in an organisation is an expression of employee perceptions of the atmosphere created by the organisation through policies, practices, and rewards. It is the ‘feeling in the air’ when you enter an office or department or building and is a current expression of the organisation’s culture.

Her research described the five key themes of organisational climate as.

The measurement of organisational climate that we have developed is based on the use of a questionnaire to research these five key themes and their dimensions. For example, the high customer- retaining branches in the original study scored more highly on all five themes than the low customer-retaining branches.

More recent studies have included:-

1) In 2005, winners of the Unisys/Management Today Service Excellence Awards Scheme were assessed. This study found evidence to support a number of significant conclusions. These were:-

2) In 2006, we had the opportunity to further test the climate research methodology in three disparate organisations, the financial services arm of an automotive retailer, the IT department of a local authority and a private hospital. Our conclusions included:

3) Since 2006 we have conducted surveys for a number of organisations to help them to assess their organisational climate and provided feedback and guidance to assist them in addressing identified issues.